Business opportunity

Sharpmind Educational Services provides you an opportunity to be associated with the pioneer and the most respected brands in India & Overseas Countries.

Our Business opportunity Solution include: consulting, business and concept evaluation, strategic planning, professional negotiation, speaking and training.

As our clients have expanded, this has given rise to new targets to increase resources to meet them. Today the students that we help to travel abroad to study come not only from the city of Jalandhar but also from other parts of the Country.

To meet their needs for speedy, efficient and effective educational placement consultancy, Sharpmind Educational Services has appointed a team of Business Associates – people who carry our mission and meet our exacting performance standards. Each Business Associate is personally screened to determine their ability to carry out the demanding task of guiding, advising and placing students in Universities of the student’s choice in USA, Canada, Germany, U.K, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and many other countries.