Pre-Departure Assistance

Points that should be kept in mind while travelling to new destination:

  • Make yourself aware about country’s environment where you are going for study.
  • Keep in your mind visa conditions laid down for international students.
  • Keep copies of all your documents in different places where they can be easily accessed in an emergency, and keep the originals in your hand luggage. Leave a copy of all of your important documents with someone at home. Never agree to bring a bag or other items to any country from someone else as it may contain something illegal and you will be held accountable for it.
  • Learn about the climate, especially the winter season and the rainy season so that one is adequately prepared with warm-clothing, rain-gear etc.
  • Pack Prescriptions for regular medications that you need to take along with prescription letter.

After your visa you are going to make one of your life’s most important journeys, it is imperative that you are well prepared.

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