Hello friends i am Pranav Dhir from The Holy City Sultanpur Lodhi. I am here to tell you my experience with S.E.S.P.L. which I spent during my visa process. See I am honest man and never tell lie with anyone it was really a superb experience with S.E.S.P.L. my madam Miss Shelly Mehta did help me so much and never did any kind of wrong with my file or never advised me wrong. I had to wait 2-3 months for my visa but I must say everything happened good, nothing went wrong even I got visa in between a week after lodgement of my visa file. I am missing all those days which i spent there, I always miss our Bharat bai ji’s handmade TEA, those suggestions which I learnt from Sir Vikas Jalota, Madam Shelly Mehta. I want to say everyone that please visit in their office once (who want to apply for visa) and you will free of mind from any worry and will get positive result, I am not writing all these because I got visa, I am writing all these to tell you truth about S.E.S.P.L.!! THANKS!! KIND REGARDS.