Visitor Visa

A Journey of thousand miles start with one single step”

What is Visitor Visa?

Visitor Visa is a short term visa for people, who wants to travel as tourists, for business or to visit family. It is temporary visa. It’s usually available for three months, six months & twelve months and can allow single-multiple entry.

This visa has three streams:

  • Tourist stream: for people travelling Australia for a holiday, recreation or to visit family friends.
  • Business Visitor Stream: for business person travelling to Australia for short business visit. This included going to meeting, conferences or negotiation.
  • Sponsored Family Stream: for people travelling to Australia to visit their family. You must have sponsor who might be ready to provide a bond.

Visitor visa extension:

For people who are already in Australia and want to extend their stay for tourism or any other certain circumstances can extend their stay over there.

Who are eligible for this?

  • The person who must hold substantive visa
  • must be on-shore in that country
  • must meet eligibility criteria of this visa
  • must be waiver from (8503-no further stay condition)
  • must apply three weeks before your current visa expires